Emma's Wish
Emma was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosa rcoma July of 2005 and has been fighting ever since, these are soft tissue tumors that can form anywhere in your body.  Emma is now 7 yrs old and her condition moved to Stage IV metastatic Alveolar Rhabdomyosa rcoma cancer in the fall of 2009.  There is no medical cure for Emma's cancer.  They are trying to treat her cancer, give her quality of life, hold at bay or rid her body of the tumors she has, not allow any new tumors to grow & enjoy life with her as much as possible. Emma loves riding and being around horses.

Emma met Chris Cox last August and her wish was to go to his ranch someday and to see the ocean; so in conjunction with Western Wishes, we were not only able to get Emma to Texas, but for Emma to be a part of the taping of the Chris Cox Horsemanship Show dedicated to Western Wishes.

The show kinda speaks for itself. It is called Emma’s Wish and it was a magical day.

Emma's Wish (episode #425) from Chris Cox on Vimeo.

Jenifer and Rex Kent have dedicated themselves to this wonderful program and are just breaking ground on the Western Wishes-Midwest Chapter. 

They can be reached at Rex@csshiviz.com or 651-206-1590.